Why should you restring your racquet?

- A string is broken on your racquet
- The tension on your racquet is not where you want it to be.


We can restring your racquet for as low as $15.  The complete pricing structure is below.


Yonex BG-65 – a great all around badminton string that offers the ultimate   in durability and a clear hitting sound. Its long lasting properties and economical value is the reason why the Yonex BG-65 is continually one of the best selling strings on the market. Best suited for non-competitive players or beginners.

Colors: Black, Tan, Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Navy Blue, Lavender, Sky Blue


Yonex BG-80 – a premium multifilament string. Its ultra thin gauge gives players greater power for smash shots. Yonex BG-80 is a high replusion string that offers favorable control with a distinctive hitting sound. Best suited for competitive or offensive players.

Colors: Navy Blue, Pink (Sold out), Light Blue, Neon Yellow, Black, White


Choosing the right tension:

Choosing the right tension is a little bit counter intuitive. When you hear about a racquet strung at 30 lb vs 20lb must people would think that 30 lb is more ‘powerful’. However, the higher the number is, the tighter the racquet is strung. The tighter a racquet is strung the less time your racquet will be in contact with the shuttle when it is hit. That will transfer less power from your arm to the shuttle. With everything else equal, you will find it more difficult to clear a shuttle deeper into an opponent’s court using a racquet strung at 30 lb vs 20 lb.

Most racquets have a recommended tension to be strung at. Normally 18 lb to 24 lb. For beginners, I would suggest starting out at 20 lb. This usually provides the best resilience of the string. Once a higher level of skill and strength has been reached you can increase your tension to a point where you have a balance between power and control. Usually this is a tension of around 23-26 lb depending on the player.


- $15.00 Stringing service when you provide your own string
- $20.00 Stringing service using a BG 65 string
- $25.00 Stringing service using a BG 80 string
- Emergency Stringing (next day stringing guaranteed) add $10 to any of the pricing above
- All other stringing will usually be done within 2-3 business days.


If you want your racquet restrung call Cody at 403-715-9003 (west side drop off) or Alex at 403-330-9418 (south side drop off) or drop us an email using the Contact Form