Where To Play


University of Lethbridge Badminton Club - It is listed as a youth program but it is truly for all ages.  In this club you  have two highly skilled coaches that run drills for everything that may be ailing your game.

University of Lethbridge – Open gym time at the university is a great time to grab a court and some friends to hit the shuttle around.  Always make sure to check the open gym schedule to make sure it is open for you and your friends.


High School Programs (Grade 10-12):

These high schools have a badminton program: Chinook High Schoool, Catholic Central High School, Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, Winston Churchill.

Tryouts for these teams usually happen at around the start of February.  If you are interested in playing make sure to be on the look out for notices or announcements about tryouts.  For more information at your individual school be sure to talk to your school administration.